“Multi-Culti Food Festival” - OIRC

16. april 2018 kl. 18.00

Dear Rotary Friends and Friends of Rotary!
Lovers of.. .excellent food, fun and helping others!

Please feel invited to come to Oslo International Rotary Clubs (OIRC) yearly event “Multi-Culti Food Festival”.
Invitation with all necessary details enclosed below.


That very night, at the 16th of April, you will become a part of our Rotary network: great people from different RC in town, with big hearts, youthful enthusiasm, energy of sharing and eagerness to bright up life of others....

Together we will enjoy excellent food from all worlds corners, good wine, auction full of surprises and fantastic atmosphere.
It will be the night to remember!

Each krona from your ticket, and the money we generate together during the event, will go directly to support the daily life of OIRC eleven students from the University of Sylhet in Bangladesh

Sosiale medier


Møtested: Schafteløkken
Adresse: Zahlkasserer Schafts pl. 1
Adresse 2: Inng. Solheimgaten
Postnummer: 0267
Sted: Oslo
Land: NO
Møtedag: Onsdag
Møtetid: 17:30:00
Møtespråk: no

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